Why do I have to pay $60 more?

"We strive to make products for the do it yourselfer, but because of the complexity of the LED Integrations, the custom installation must be performed by M. D. Wright, Inc. We have to disassemble the brake light assembly, make several modifications, and install a specially designed LED Integrator PC board for each different tail light. It is too easy to damage the tail light and the LED's to make this kit for the do it yourselfer. Instructions would be overwhelmingly technical, and the work is very critical. Simply blowing a fuse is about the worst thing that can happen if the installer messes up installing the original Integrator Kit on a bike with two side by side brake light bulbs. However, with the LED Integrator, one slight mistake of placing a component only 0.020" off can permanently ruin the entire tail light. If the tail light is damaged, you would need to buy a complete new tail light ranging from around $70 - $150. Believe me, we have had several very capable people try to do the installations themselves, resulting in them having to call us to order them a new tail light and Integrate it for them. When we do the work, it comes with a lifetime warranty, and you do not have to do any wiring. The LED Integrator will be professionally installed inside your brake light assembly. It will look like a factory option. We also mount a switch on the back of the tail light to disable the Flash-Alert! feature if you wish (most people really like it on since it gets people's attention). As part of the installation, we also include a license plate bracket on many of the bikes, like a fender eliminator. Nobody else offers anywhere close to all of this for anywhere near the price. I am so confident that you will absolutely thrilled with your Integrated LED tail light that I will make the following offer, with only one condition. If your tail light is sent to us in new condition (no scratches or cut wires, etc.), and you are not 100% happy with our Integration within the first 30 days, I will replace your original tail light for no charge.

Recapping - what you get with the $60 installation fee.

1. Professional 'show quality' installation - like factory option.

2. No wiring - simply plug right into factory harness (some bikes require the turn signal wires to be hooked up - but we provide the connectors).

3. Lifetime Warranty.

4. Free custom made licese plate bracket (like Fender Eliminator) for some models (others will be available soon, and will be shipped when completed upon request).

What is the LED colors, brightness and locations?
  We use the stock LED's, in the stock positions so it remains the same brightness as it from the factory. That way, it will not looked cobbled together. Another company installs many yellow LED's in the circuit. That sounds like a great idea, until you look at it. You can tell right away that it is not factory. The LED tail lights have Fresnell lenses, which means that they are designed for the LED's to be in exact locations for the light to refract in such a way that they are very visible. Yes, the other is visible, but it clearly shows up between the Fresnel sections, and looks out of place. Besides, many vehicles use red turn signals. With our Integrator, when the turn signal is on, it will flash from all the way off to fully bright - that way it is very visible and noticable.
Does the Integrator have flashy options?
  The Integrator does come with the Flash-Alert! feature, which pulses the brake rapidly to get people's attention faster. This is an intuitave pulse, where it only flashes when only the brake is on. If a turn signal is on, the Flash-Alert! feature is automatically disabled until the turn signal is canceled. It make sense, and is not confusing at all. Other versions have selections for blinking, but once again, it sounds better that it actually works out. First, having selectable patterns adds to the complexity of the board, which decreases reliability. Second, it does not make as much 'common scense' for those who are following you, trying to figure out what your intentions are. Our Integrator is designed to make your brake light alsow work as turn signals with two things in mind, reliability, and ease of understanding. The idea is to make something that just makes sence.
What do I need to send?

We only need the brake light assembly and the turn signal wires. See details about your particular bike:

'01-'02 R6:
The turn signal harness is black taped to the main tail light power harness. Do not separate these two harnesses. Do not cut any wires. Simply unplug both connectors from the right side of the battery.

All Other Bikes:
Include the stock rear turn signals. We will take the turn signal apart, cut the wires about 1 inch away from where the wire actually connects to the bulb (so you can go back to stock if you ever want to). We use the wires with stock connectors and return the turn signals to you with the Integrated tail light. Note. You can cut and send us the wires only if you prefer, but please do not cut where the wires go into the turn signal housing. There is about another
1-3 inch of wire that goes into the housing that we need. Cut next to the bulb connector as described above. If you no longer have the stock signals, but still have the connectors where they plugged into the main wiring harness, please include the connector. Your installation will be much nicer since everything will have factory connectors. If you no longer have the turn signals or the connectors, we can still do the installation. But you will have to hook up a couple wires with quick tap connectors that we will send. They work fine, but once again, it is a much nicer, cleaner, more professional installation if we have the stock wires with connectors.