Have you ever thought about the driver behind you?

You know, the one busy talking on the cellphone, thinking of work.

Or the one listening to their latest CD, yelling at the kids.

Or maybe the one who just left the bar, who had a little too much to drink.

If you had to slow down, suddenly, a few extra seconds warning to the driver behind you may mean the difference between a rear-end collision and a near miss.

FLASH-ALERT! makes your third brake light flash rapidly, warning other drivers behind you that you are braking.

Flashing lights get attention!

It's the same principle that emergency vehicles use.

FLASH-ALERT! works on all motorcycle brake lights, all automobile third brake lights, and is easy to install.

FLASH-ALERT! works whenever the brake pedal is depressed, ensuring the attention of the driver behind you.

At 60 M.P.H., one extra second's notice gives the vehicle behind you an extra 88 feet of stopping distance!

Protect your family, and your rear end.

FLASH-ALERT! is now only $12.95!